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Thank you London Freemasons.

You may have just gotten over the the Xmas 2016 ear worm ‘Christmas as a Punk’. Whilst we might be singing it (slightly) less now it’s Spring, it’s success is hugely impacting our current programme as the income generated from the single release is hugely subsidising what we are delivering at the moment.

We would again like to thank the London Freemason’s for covering the cost of producing the single by donating £500 to Electric Umbrella last November. Their donation and our subsequent single release brought over 50,000 people on social media a lot of Xmas cheer, hugely raising the profile of Electric Umbrella and meeting our purpose of ‘challenging the perceptions of people with learning disabilities’.

Incredibly, the donation also meant every bit of income generated through CD sales, downloads, merchandise, busking and gigs went straight back into Electric Umbrella to benefit our members and wider audiences.

You can read more about it here, on page 24 in the London Freemason’s quarterly magazine, Arena which is out now.


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