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Please help us rebuild out LYT in time for our Xmas tour.


We are fine but as you can see our beautiful Little Yellow Theatre is not. Following a mechanical fault and a narrow escape we are heartbroken to say that the Little Yellow Theatre is currently closed for business. The show must go on. Please help rebuild Electric Umbrella’s Little Yellow Theatre in time for our Christmas Tour. Lots of people are asking how they can help so here is a start. Thank you for all your support and well wishes.

Mel and Tom were involved in a road traffic accident on the A12 just as they approached the Olympic Park with the Little Yellow Theatre on tow for an event. The wheel bearing went on the trailer causing it to crash. Mel and Tom had a very lucky escape and everything is fine, but understandably they are gutted at the loss of the Little Yellow Theatre.

The Little Yellow Theatre was a product of weeks of hard work, goodwill, love, fundraising, commitment… and in it’s very short existence made such a huge impact on those who experienced it. It was a massive asset to the charity and held such tremendous potential and opportunities for the members of Electric Umbrella over the coming months.

Please help Electric Umbrella rebirth the Little Yellow Theatre in time for their Christmas tour, and bring back something they all loved. You can donate here

Huge thanks as ever go to the unwavering Electric Umbrella community for their support now and always xx