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Little Yellow Theatre Update!

A couple of months have now passed since the accident that wrote off our lovely Little Yellow Theatre. Now that we are over the shock and the initial logistical hurdles of getting the vehicles recovered from the roadside and getting the car back on the road (which took a shocking 39 days!), we have been able to turn our attention to the more exciting part of what happens next!

We remain seriously blown away with the love and support from the Electric Umbrella community who so quickly raised us a significant amount of money to get the Little Yellow Theatre back on the road. And it’s not just about the money – wonderful people have offered time and expertise too, and we really are so very grateful for it all.

We had hoped to have been up and running with the LYT2 in time for our Christmas tour, but unfortunately we need a little more time to get it right…trailers that are tall enough to accommodate Tom (and the occasional scissor-kick) are hard to come by!!! The good news is that our Christmas busking tour WILL still go ahead, and the LYT2 will follow in the Spring!

The even better news is that the original Little Yellow Theatre, so lovingly crafted with the incredible expertise of Steve at Sunnyside Rural Trust will not go to scrap, and we have conjured up a plan!!! Although it will no longer be towable and ‘on the road’ it will be repaired to the point that it will be able to live on site at the Hemel Food Garden and function as a a museum of all things Electric Umbrella! We are anticipating that over the next few weeks, the relevant repairs will be made to the trailer in order to make it watertight, and it will then be moved from the workshop and sited in it’s new home beside the Sunnyside Up Cafe. Once we hit Spring and some warmer weather, and visitors to the cafe are sitting in the outside seating area – they will be perfectly placed to take a look inside and find out more about Electric Umbrella and what we’ve been up to, as well as watch live performances from the trailer that will also double up as a little live stage and opportunity to provide music to those in the cafe.

Alongside this, our plans are also underway for the replacement (that was only made possible thanks to all of you!) So, please bear with us… watch this space and we will be in touch with another update in the new year.

For anyone that has donated money towards this appeal and is disappointed that we are not up and running in time for Christmas – please make contact with us if you would like to request a refund! Thank you for your patience and unwavering support… and hope to see you at our Xmas events!

Mel and Tom